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FIR Against ShareChat Undermines Intermediary Liability Rights: IAMAI

  • 2020-03-13

Fixing of Floor Price for Telecom Services is Illogical: IAMAI

  • 2020-03-18

Fixing of Floor Price for Telecom Services is Illogical: IAMAI

  • 2020-03-18

IAMAI Suggests an Effects-Based Approach in the Draft Competition (Amendment) Bill 2020

  • 2020-03-19

Restrictions on online sale of drugs to hurt e-pharmacies:IAMAI

  • 2020-03-31

Sudden Imposition of Equalization Levy on E-Commerce Is a Shock : IAMAI

  • 2020-04-01

Full Opening Of B2C Services Via e-Commerce First Step To Normalcy: IAMAI

  • 2020-04-03

Force Majeure For Airlines Will Be Disastrous for Tourism Sector: IAMAI

  • 2020-04-06

M-SIPS incentive needs revision to 30% to offset component manufacturing disabilities

  • 2020-01-31

Forward Looking Budget Focused on Technology and Infrastructure: IAMAI

  • 2020-02-01

14th India Digital Summit 2020

  • 2020-02-07

TDS Adds To Undue Compliance Burden For Ecommerce Platforms: IAMAI

  • 2020-02-18

Digital Entertainment Industry Discusses Growth Avenues & Content Consumption Trends

  • 2020-02-21

Digital Curated Content Complaint Council [DCCC] Launched to Boost Customer confidence

  • 2020-02-24

Supreme Court Rules in Favour of IAMAI in the Cryptocurrency Case

  • 2020-03-05

IAMAI Start- up Foundation Announces up to USD 100,000 grant

  • 2020-01-21

IAMAI Seeks Clarity in Personal Data Protection Bill

  • 2019-11-29

IAMAI Sets Up Design and Innovation Committee. Aims to Make India Design Hub of the World

  • 2019-12-02

Digital Money: Post Event

  • 2019-12-05

Startups to be the best backbone in the country. help in generating jobs

  • 2019-12-10

Critical Concerns Persist in Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019: IAMAI

  • 2019-12-13

India Needs 8% Export Incentive to Become Mobile Manufacturing Hub: IAMAI

  • 2019-12-17

Dilution of Digital Intermediary Rights to Hamper Investments in India: IAMAI

  • 2019-12-19

Zero MDR on RuPay and UPI will have a negative impact of the payments growth: PCI

  • 2020-12-31

Spurt in Internet Usage to Drive Digital Marketing in India

  • 2019-09-16

IAMAI Launches the “Circle Program” for Startup Founders

  • 2021-04-21

Next Game Changer for India’s Digital Sector Adoption of Voice Technology Crucial to Bridge Digital Divide

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