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Founders Fellowship - IAMAI Startup Program


IAMAI is launching a NEW Program in India focused on Start-ups.


The Start-up program named “Founders Fellowship” has been designed in consultation with companies like Razorpay, Meta, Google, and Sequoia, amongst others. The objective is for IAMAI’s “Founders Fellowship” program to champion Indian start-ups, by providing a unique Value Proposition that fosters inclusive growth. The program aims to create an exclusive peer to peer community of USD 20Mn+ funded startups. And enable growth with exclusive mentors


As a first step in this direction, shortlisted Start-ups will get exclusive access to an exclusive Club. The program will 3 key pillars of engagement and support or the “3cs”, “Connect-Coach-Career”.

-Connect, a platform to create a community of peers to meet in smaller cohorts to enable problem solving and networking.

-Coach will focus on matching mentors and mentees of the Club to enable guided discussions in a more customized way.

-Career will attempt to bridge the talent gaps for these Start-ups through an online platform.


Coach Sessions

• Participating founders can connect with the coaches on the platform as per calendar availability (1:1 connect sessions)

• Access to domain based chat rooms and discussion boards

• Facetime with marquee founder and startup leaders

• Regular feedback gathered by both mentor and mentee



• Structured opportunities for Young Startups to engage with tech talent and vice versa

• Digital platform for retrenched talent

• Quarterly Event for Members & slack/WA Channel

• Talent community and talent matching platform


Apply for membership

• The founder, co-founder, owner or co-owner of your company

• Your company has acquired at least $10+ Mn in funding since inception

• Committee to conduct an interview to get shortlisted.

• Talent community and talent matching platform


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